About Eco Femme

Eco Femme Washable Cloth Pads (& Pouch)

Eco Femme Production

Eco Femme women’s empowerment project in Auroville, India – now reaching the world!

Natural Flow is honored to be the US Ambassador for Eco Femme, bringing beautiful pads with a mission to the United States.

Eco Femme washable cloth pads are made by a women’s collective in India for a living wage.

In addition to being the first cloth pads sold internationally from the developing world, Eco Femme pads are simply a wonderful product.  Uniting the best of ancient wisdom and modern design, Eco Femme pads are unique, beautiful, and functional: with an all-in-one design, a bright cotton flannel upper layer, and a colorful print bottom layer featuring a breathable leakproof lining. All of Eco Femme’s pads and travel pouches are hand-made, not with large industrial machines, so each one is a unique work of love.

Eco Femme Pad for Pad

Each purchase includes a Pad for Pad Donation through Eco Femme’s Menstrual Health Education Programs in rural Indian schools. Eco Femme works to create culturally responsive curriculum that empowers adolescents to make informed decisions about menstruation. To learn more about the ways that Eco Femme is organizing communities around menstruation & creating more access to body & environment positive menstrual practices, visit their website here.

Your purchase of Eco Femme pads supports women gaining a living wage and economic independence and girls to have more choice around school attendance – all while being incredibly beneficial for your body, your pocketbook, and our earth!


StyleFlowColor (solid top layer)Absorbent Cotton FillLeakproof PUL BarrierQuantityPrice
Night Pad HeavyBrown 7 LayersYesSingle$16
Day Pad MediumPink5 LayersYesSingle$14
PantylinerLightBlue3 LayersYes3-Pack$20
PantylinerLightPurple3 LayersNo3-Pack$20

Eco Femme carries Day Pads (pink), Night Pads (brown), Pantyliners w/ PUL (blue), Pantyliners w/o PUL (purple), & Travel Pouches.

Each pad is a beautiful, modern form designed and tested by women, consisting of:

• Solid-colored soft cotton flannel top layer (for against skin).

• Colorful patterned bottom layer (beautiful striped prints).

• Several layers of absorbent cotton fill.

• Leakproof PUL breathable lining adhered to bottom layer, the same material used in cloth baby diapers.  (Pantyliners also available without.)

• Night Pads include a wider base for added comfort and protection.