One on One Coaching

Is One on One Coaching right for you?

  • Maybe you’re in a time of transition in your reproductive life
    • new menstruator
    • change in your cycle like intense cramps and you want to explore the wisdom of your body and a range of options to care for yourself
    • coming off of or switching birth-control and wondering what options or methods work for your body and life
    • recently had a baby, giving you a new appreciation for your body and what it can do, and you want to explore what is true for you & your body now
    • trying to have a baby and you know that learning more about your body will be helpful in this process
    • Recently had an abortion or miscarriage and wanting to connect honor your body and the cycle of life [honor the wisdom of your body & the cycle of life]
    • Considering what option is right for your current pregnancy and wanting unbiased support to see what is true for you
    • new reality of menopause
    • hysterectomy or other surgery
  • Maybe you see the way you have been relating to your menstrual cycle/reproductive system doesn’t work for you and you want to explore other options
    • You’re experiencing skin irritations, rashes, &/or frequent yeast infections and what want to explore what options might work better for you.
    • You are seeking more satisfaction with the relationship between your body and your sexual life.
    • You know there’s got to be a better way to move through/relate to the world while you’re on your period.
    • You want to explore how your gender identity and menstruation fit together.
    • You want to better integrate your body’s own cycles into the rhythm of your life.

If any of the above resonates with you, we are here to support you


We’re here to help you make it happen!  With compassionate support and a commitment to you finding the most authentic choices for yourself, we at Natural Flow are ready to be on at your side (on your team, part of your support system) on your menstrual or reproductive system journey.




Once a CycleTwice a Cycle
3 cycles$270$510 ($540 ~5% discount)
6 cycles$500 ($540 ~8% discount)$970 ($1080 ~10% discount)


We offer our coaching aligned with each client’s cycle—and we’re happy to discuss custom scheduling: [email protected]