Rethinking Menstruation

Pad Mandala

Natural Flow combines the best of ancient wisdom and modern science & technology to foster a community that empowers people who menstruate to make informed decisions for their body, lifestyle, and values.

For example, coastal communities around the world have been using sea sponge tampons for thousands of years (even in Ancient Greece!), just like the ones you find on this site. Simultaneously, technological breakthroughs allow us to mold natural substances into flexible, reusable menstrual cups that offer the freedoms of a tampon without the dangers of conventional options (like TSS).

People who menstruate’s relationship with their body mirrors their relationship with the environment, and aligning menstrual practices with natural cycles creates a healthier and more empowering experience than the modern narrative allows.

Typical societal messages instruct women to segment off an essential piece of their truth, divorcing this traditional wisdom from our Western lives. Have you ever heard a commercial for a conventional menstrual product say something like: “Don’t let your period stop you from living your life!” or “Now with even more discreet disposal!” as though your period was abnormal or something to be ashamed of, and therefore hide.

Here at Natural Flow, we believe all people who menstruate are beautiful and their natural bodies should be celebrated.

However, we’re not taught this in school. What did you actually learn about menstruation in your middle school health class? What if they mentioned the impact of conventional pads and tampons, from the massive amount of waste to the toxins your body can easily absorb?

Now imagine how it would be different if that class included an historical context for menstruation and information about modern sustainable options!

Reusable options, from washable cloth pads to sea sponge tampons and menstrual cups, enable you to be more in touch with your body’s natural cycles and embody your values in an area of your life you may have never thought about before.

You benefit by having a more direct relationship with what’s actually going on in your body, not to mention saving money and reducing your environmental footprint (See our Benefits page for a LOT more information). Plus, you can shift from just an intellectual understanding to really knowing from felt experience how you as an individual connect to something wider than yourself, such as the cycle of life.

When we get our period, instead of saying, “Oh s***, what do I do now?” or “Not this again…”, how would it be if your experience got easier and you said, “Yay, my body is [possibly] capable of growing a living organism!”? Whether or not you ever have children, your menstruating body holds tremendous power.

Furthermore, getting to know your body’s natural cycles, as aided by using sustainable menstrual options, connects to the wider shift of acknowledging traditional feminine* qualities as valuable and important in a multitude of life areas (from home to work).

The old model of success forces women to “act like men” in order to get ahead or be taken seriously, inherently weakening any result for both the individual and the company or team.

Some areas of society are beginning to value traditional feminine characteristics as important for success – such as collaboration, empathy, listening and compassion – for men and women alike. We are moving toward a world that no longer exclusively measures women’s accomplishments against a male yardstick.

If you learn to value the traditional feminine in your own body,
it’s then easier to apply that to the rest of the world.

Sustainable menstrual options are one tangible step on that path.

But don’t take our word for it. Try them yourself and see what impact sustainable menstrual options make in your life!

* We’re using feminine and masculine as distinct from “female” and “male,” as everyone has both feminine and masculine characteristics regardless of their sex or gender.