Lovelady Carry Bag (Two Compartments)


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Lovelady pads are made by Dharti Mata Workshop in a mountainous village outside of Kathmandu, Nepal. Dharti Mata provides sustainable employment opportunities for local Nepali women and is currently supporting 24 families to rebuild after the recent earthquake. Buying Lovelady pads support sustainable futures for Nepali women, their families, & whole communities.

Lovelady Cloth Carry Bags are made with beautiful printed fabrics carefully selected at local markets in Kathmandu (prints will vary). Cloth Carry Bags are great for storing your Lovelady pads when out & about or traveling. They have two compartments –which zip closed and snap together – so you can hold used pads on one side and clean ones the other. Depending on saturation level, Lovelady recommends wrapping used pads in something plastic, such as reusing a plastic bag, and then placing it in a compartment. Three day pads easily fit on each side.

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