Benefits of Sustainable Menstrual Options


  • Less exposure to harsh and toxic chemicals.
  • Decreased risk of infections.
  • More in harmony with your body’s natural processes.


  • One dumptruck of waste per person vs. a few dozen reusable pads.
  • Reduced pollution from production, transport, and disposal.


  • No more emergency trips to the store! Always have what you need.
  • Save hundreds of $$ compared to disposables.

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Sustainable Menstrual Options Overview

Cloth Pad

  • Variety of options: day pad, night pad, pantyliner and leakproof lining.
  • Easy to use with the underwear you already own.
  • Eco Femme is made by a women’s collective in rural India for a living wage.
  • Lasts 5+ years.

Sea Sponge

  • Coastal communities have relied upon these tampons for 1000s of years.
  • 100% natural and sustainably harvested.
  • Can be customized to any size.
  • Lasts 6 to 12 months.

Menstrual Cup

  • Collects menstrual blood without disrupting the natural vaginal environment.
  • Convenient and easy to clean – just rinse and reinsert.
  • Made from medical grade silicone or natural gum rubber.
  • Lasts 10+ years.

Why Rethink Menstruation?

At one point or another, we’ve all been taught to associate our bodies and natural processes with shame and disgust.

We learn that conventional disposables, which hurt our bodies and the earth, are just what’s “normal” – without ever being informed that other options exist.

At Natural Flow, we believe all women (and people) are beautiful and their natural bodies should be celebrated.

Changing the way you relate to menstruation in your own life can lead to a happier & healthier body, mind, community, and world.

It’s time to rethink menstruation! read more…

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